It is often said that man (sic) proposes and God disposes. That's certainly true and that's exactly why I live in Istanbul. You see, when I was much younger, in the halcyon days when this world seemed to be a garden in which everything was possible, in the days when I believed (albeit irrationally) that even my small 'I' would live forever, I became convinced of the fact that I was meant to live out my life in France (where I had gone to do doctoral research) and that I would end my days in Paris.



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To that end I tried everything I could do to find a job that would mean a way to stay there. One difficulty at that stage was that I was obsessed with the idea it could all be achieved legally. (The Turks have since taught me the folly of such convictions with respect to legalities.) One job offer, with a well-known esoteric organization materialized, then dematerialized, purportedly due to a late-breaking crisis within the organization. My desperate attempts to persuade the French powers-that-be to allow me to stay in France were to no avail. One memorable afternoon I was even ushered ever-so-politely, but firmly, out of the Paris police department. Having nowhere else to go, I moved to Istanbul in 1994. At that point my raison d'être was to finish the Ph.D. thesis (along necessarily politically-correct and hence very boring and minimally meaningful lines) and return to my beloved Paris. For a number of reasons, some of them merely Gaeilic, others truly Byzantine, all that changed. The thesis may never be finished and I may never live in Paris, but I have nevertheless continued my writing. I'm currently working on several projects, including a collection of short stories partly inspired by my experience of living in Istanbul.

I created this web site as a way to definitively break an admittedly long silence. My academic field - history of religions with a specialization in esotericism - does not exist in Turkey. For years I tried to find a university position without success and I started to lose hope of being able to teach at the university level. In August of 2003, however, I had a wonderful interview at Fatih University and signed a contract to teach in their Department of American Culture & Literature. I have found great joy in getting back into the space of a university classroom. In any case, I will continue developing this internet "space" because it provides a way for me to share work I've written, am writing, and have yet to write, as well as give voice to new ideas. It also provides a way for interested persons to find me and get in touch with me. The whole process of putting up the site in the first place felt profoundly correct and that feeling proved right for it has functioned to open many, many doors. Elsewhere I have remarked that it seems to me that the Internet is the 21st century persona of Hermes. This certainly seems to be true.Furhter resources, I recommend reading on topic of sexuality, health and fitness are and how to be skinny and sassy.


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